Bookmark Your Chapter

We always think that we could able to remember the page number when we stop our reading. But actually it doesn’t really work for that way. Then some of us will use old receipt, brochure or a random business card to mark where we stopped reading. We should stop this as some readers are still […]

Lunar New Year Celebration

Lunar New year is just around the corner. We welcomed the year of pig which is the twelve and final Chinese Zodiac in the cycle. Chinese New Year dinner, also recognized as reunion dinners is the must event of the entire festival. Family members and relatives will travel back from all over the world and […]

Top 5 Photo Prints for Baby Photos

Most of parents like to share their baby pictures in social media as a memory for them and their infant. It is more valuable when you print them out and put into the album. This is because your digital phone or camera might not always be with you until you become old, but photos will! […]

10 Tips for Taking Baby Photos

We all know that how fast a baby grow. They change and learn continuously from tiny bundles of joy to speedy little child. Every moment of their growth is unique and special in its own way. Most of the parents will capture their developing years, and here are few tips on taking a good baby […]

Photo Magnets to Decor Your Fridge

Photo magnets are good idea for you to spice up your fridge because they can make your fridge be more lively and brings a personal touch to your home. You are able to view them every time when you open your fridge. You could able to print your joy of your life and precious moments […]

Photos tell a Story

For past, I don’t really know how important is photo printing towards my life until I left my hometown and start studying and working outside. I started to print all the photos out which really meant to me and put into the album, so that the memory won’t get lost time by time. How do […]

DIY Calendar 2019

It’s going into another new year and now is the perfect time to start planning for it. You may start to organize your time and making better use of your free time. Today, we’re going to share a DIY calendar tutorial that might help you to get start! Things to prepare:1. 12 photo printed (I […]

Top 5 Photo Editing Apps

For the past, we can only apply layered edits and strong filter to digital photograph on desktop device. But nowadays we are possible to capture good quality photographs and high-resolution on smartphone, with the ability of editing them on same device due to the mobile technology development. You can always ready to be shared on […]

DIY Christmas Tree Tutorial

Ho, Ho, Ho! Christmas is just around the corner. It is a special time for people around the world, as it is the time for people to gather together with their friends and family, having big dinner and chitchat to each other after a period of time! For this year, I would like to make […]